Thursday, June 28, 2012


 For Christmas the boys got a play tent with a tunnel attached. One of the best toys. They love to race through it and play. It is always one of the things I bring out of the closet when they are having a hard day playing together, or they just don't seem to be able to go outside. So I love it probably more than they do!

Does Royce ever get in the water?

 That is my Roycester kicking back in the pool for his first ever swim lessons! It is pretty exciting for him. We will be taking more this summer too. He had a hard time getting wet--go figure. Water seems to be difficult for him. I think it is because he is cold all the time. He usually turns purple or blue after just a few minutes. And I noticed how quickly he would move to the hot tub after lessons. After the second lesson he just asked me if we could have lessons in the hot tub.

Super Man???

 One day Alex comes walking back into grandma's kitchen wearing a perfectly fitting superman cape. Wow.
 He didn't even realize he had it on, so he wore it for the rest of the day. But I just couldn't believe that he grew a cape so easily! Very cool! Glad he is on my side.

The HoneyMooners Again

A little more than five years ago, Dallas and I took our honeymoon trip to San Diego. We loved it. Who doesn't love a fun honeymoon!?! This spring we went back to San Diego and loved it again. Just Dallas and I. No boys. And it was just as great as the first time! This is just a glimpse.

Yeah, I got to touch and talk to that dolphin. He was in a good mood...oh wait all dolphins are always in a good mood. I love it. They are the nicest, smartest creatures. We stayed at this training pool in Sea World for a long time and watched the trainers go over the daily routine. I am amazed every time at the way they can move and jump! 

One of the best days of our trip, we were able to attend the San Diego Temple. All I can say is Awwwesome. It really felt like we were in heaven since it is just about as beautiful. This sounds bad, but I think our temple doesn't even compare. Every room we visited became more and more wonderful. What an amazing place. Both Dallas and I found ourselves just staring around instead walking like we were supposed to. My mouth dropped to the floor at the Celestial Room. There are not words to describe its beauty.

   San Diego Zoo was also a big blast. I still feel guilty for not taking my two sweet little boys, but I need a break once in a while. And I watched other parents with small children that were flying and it looked like such fun. Especially in the airport when all they want to do is run or scream. I guess I am glad we got the week without them.
Shammoo Show at Sea World.
I wonder if they got rid of Shammoo cause no one mentioned the name this time. And there are two whales, not just one. Very all I want to know is what happened to our beloved Shammoo?

Feeding the sea lions. They are the best. They will just sit in front of you with their mouth hanging open making the most annoying sound. They make the same sound for as long as they can and then by that point another, bigger dude is taking over the spot.
We found the back side of Shammoo's tank. It was pretty cool to be able to watch as the whale would swim past. Pretty awesome tank. Huge! Now is this Shammoo or a look alike?
The Zoo!
There is an awesome Rhino in the back drop. He put on quite the show for us. First he peed for over a minute. And this wasn't normal little streams of pee, it was like a fire hose for the entire time.Both Dallas and I couldn't keep walking or moving because we just had to watch as it just kept going. Then we watched him get in the water and take a bath. It was a beautiful day and then his brother also decided to take a pee and go for a bath. Quite the show!  

I love a peacock. They don't just have a tail that you can't keep your eyes off of, but they have gaudy detail everywhere. They have a beautiful color of blue for their long slender neck and if that isn't enough they have a plume on top for added flair. How exciting!

I stopped and talked to this beautiful bird for a while. He was just so friendly. No one else was around and he definitely likes cameras.
Here are just a few more photos of things we found and loved at the zoo. Here is a great one of the gorillas. They just have that look to them. If you make another wrong move I will tear you apart.

I love Kuala Bears. I always thought that President Hinkley looked just like one. My only and favorite stuffed bear was a Kuala bear that I named BeBe. I still have him. 

Here are the best animals of all. We took this picture right next to the flamingos because when we were there 5 years ago, we took a picture at this same spot.

Our Hotel View. So wonderful. Ocean all around us!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Time To Say Goodbye

It was easy not to shed a tear. The picture says it all. Who would be sad to let this thing go? But it has been hard for Dallas cause it was given to him and it was his grandfather's. Grandpa Floyd Reed's to be exact. We replaced it FINALLY with a nice new one this weekend for Father's Day! I just thought I should give a little ode to the poor grill before we never think or see of it again. 
Dallas and I don't think about our grandparents much. Both of ours have been gone for a long time. It is nice to know that you have something that once was used by someone in your family of a different era. So if you couldn't tell right away what it is, it is a grill that I am sure is older than both Dallas and I and worked great for the first 5 years of our marriage. It does look like it has been through a couple of fires or something, but we are sad to see some of the only things we have from our grandparents go. I will say I am proud that I finally convinced Dallas that it was time to have something a little easier to work with. I am still scared of the sad little grill!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Probably the worst photos ever taken. I had my camera on the totally wrong settings,
It was a pretty great day and I wouldn't want to miss it. It was the only real snow that we got this year. Royce waited and waited for snow every day. He got up before 7. Dallas showed him that the snow was coming down in big flakes. Then Dallas took both boys out the front door to feel it a bit before he left for work. It was still dark and their wasn't any accumulating on the ground yet.
Royce got himself all ready and was out the door as soon as I would let him.
 He played for a while, and then wanted me to go out. I got Alex all dressed and ready to go, but Little Lex only wanted to be held and go back inside. So it wasn't working too well for any of us. So by 8:30 or so I had both boys fed, dressed and in the car to Grandma's house. We had a snowman to build.

Our snowman was pretty tall and wonderful! The snow was gone the next day and never really came back.


My boys are really LOVEABLE! Here we are, just playing around the house. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjk,8iloyutaa tuhmujhhk89i9i0sdr54tgggggggasdgBBNM, Royce just wanted to leave you all a message. (He tells me he is working on his letters.)

 yh7777777777712345556789010 another message.


Watch these pictures of Little Lex. Here he is alone. Then you see a crazy "thing" invade the picture. And now it is gone. Just that fast. Amazing.99iiin0000000000000000000nbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
bbbbbbbbbb569muh7n56hunhu8nuhrtygefb7tfbtfb and another message.
 Alex is still trying to figure out what just happened. I bet it was SuperMan.
 Here is one of my favorite times with the boys. Just after taking a bath. They are clean, first of all, happy most of the time and soft. I love the soft cuddly skin. So sweet.

Just happy with DAD.